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Fictional Hunks in Tickle-Jeopardy!

Mischief in Metropolis ~ by Keith Steeclif
Lois accidentally discovers that Clark is ticklish. Unfortunately, so does a supervillain!

Dean Cain collage submitted by Keith Steeclif

Batman and The Riddler ~ Author Unknown
Batman is captured and tickle tortured by The Riddler. A short, unfinished piece which has made its way around the Net.

Be Careful What You Wish For ~ by Keith Steeclif
A very ticklish take on Aladdin and the magic lamp.

Get James Bond! ~ by J.P.
Few people remember that, early in the superspy's career, he was captured by villains and tickle-interrogated. Here is the whole story, including the "denial" torture that Bond was forced to endure, which probably won't make it into the next film.

Jonny's Little Secret ~ by SkunkEman
Jonny Quest and his sidekick, Hadji, are captured and tickle-interrogated to reveal the secret location of QuestWorld. Will the boys "break" and spill the beans?

Tarzan's Torture ~ by CatInHat
What? Our loin-clothed hero captured by a kinky tribal chief and tortured by a tickle-voodoo doll? Oh, no! Will he survive hours and hours of ceaseless genital tickling?

Robin's Wild Ride ~ by George
The Boy Wonder is captured by the Riddler and subjected to some sexually-stimulating bondage and tickle torture.

Which Robin did YOU grow up with?

The Return of Ropeman ~ Author Unknown
Superman crashes in on supervillain Ropeman and captures him. But the tables are turned as Ropeman, using Kryptonite ropes, restrains and sexually teases and tortures the Man of Steel. No tickling in this one, but great descriptions of tight rope bondage. This story has been floating around the Net for years. It's one of my favorite superhero stories.

Photo by permission of Super Jayhawk's Hawk-Cave

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