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Or Fan Fiction based on the characters they portray.

Have you ever dreamed about tying and tickling
one of your favorite famous hunks?

Rogues Gallery
Jean-Claude Zack & Slater Hanson Ben & Matt

A Night with the Cruise Boys ~ by Pete_Roc
Tom Cruise's three older brothers take great delight in tying up and tickle-punishing the crap out of young, ticklish troublemaker Tom.

Jean-Claude Meets His Match ~ by Pete_Roc
A mysterious tormenter has drugged and captured movie star Jean-Claude in a secluded villa. Now our hero faces the prospect of endless bondage and tickle torture at the hands of a maniac.

No Bell Is Gonna Save You Now ~ by Keith Steeclif
As a fraternity prank, Slater has to go to a gay massage parlor. The two hunky attendants take real good care of him.

Saved By The Bell: The Laughing Years ~ by Keith Steeclif
Coming back to the college dorm after his episode at the massage parlor, Slater is curious about tickling roommate, Zack, who is on the college wrestling team.

Issac & Zac's Revenge on Taylor ~ by SkunkEman
Hanson brothers Issac and Zac are pissed at bro Taylor for hogging all the lead solos. They decide to get even with him by tying him to his bed and tickling him until he "loses it".

A Night with Ben and Matt ~ by SkunkEman
While filming another movie together, Ben discovers that his buddy Matt has been dating Ben's girlfriend behind his back. Some good-natured games soon turn into tickle torture payback for the unsuspecting Matt.

Matt's Revenge on Poor Ben ~ by SkunkEman
To pay back his buddy Ben for his recent tickle torment, Matt arranges a surprise for the ticklish Ben.






Ricky's Secret ~ by Kevbo
Back in his hotel room after a concert, Ricky THINKS he is getting room service and a massage...

John Rocker and Mark Fuhrman Get Theirs ~ by Richard
The title says it all, as these two deserving celebrities are abducted and tortured.

Barefoot Ben

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