Jack's Male Tickling Rack


Let the games begin!

Tickle Prelims ~ by Scott
Preliminary tickle-endurance challenge tests determine which opponent goes "down" for the extended tickle torture.

Tickle Contract ~ by Tickl10019
The infamous contract. No "escape" clause.

Two Tickle Games ~ by Steve M
Two fun pastimes: "Toe-Wiggling" and "Hide The Note".

See/Say/So and Matrix ~ by Joe / Calvin
Joe devised the diabolical game, and Calvin "did the math", figuring out the odds.

Wrestle/Tickle Challenge ~ by Tickl10019
Rules for a proposed grappling match.

Tickle Dominos ~ by Joe
A new use for your old set of dominos.

The Prisoner ~ by Tickl10019
A challenge for an interrogation game.

The Contest ~ by Rob Cline
Rob relates his experience as a "contestant" at a real-life MTMTN gathering.

Tickle Tricks Passed On ~ by Ratty
Ratty shares some of his best tickle games. Is he really throwing these away? Quick! Someone send him some new ones!

Tickle Poker & Last Words ~ by Bob
Two ingenious games to play with your ticklish straight buddies. All ya need is some restraint equipment, a deck of cards, and a good thick gag!

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