The Contest


Rob Cline

Last weekend, the MTMTN had their annual convention in Ill.

People came from all over the country to meet people that share the same interests. The highlight event of the convention was The Most Incredible Bottom Contest..

I made several new friends and this story is for everyone who was there. Thanks for a great time.

"Since there are six of you and only three tables, we decided to do the contest in two groups, with the winners of each group meeting later in a tickle-off. There are six pieces of paper on the washer. Each of you take one of them now."

I picked up the first one that I touched. It had a one written on it.

"The three people with ones on their paper get tickled first. Find a table and lets get started."

Earlier, I had put on my Humane Restraints, since there were not many cuffs around. I was put on the bondage table that was the longest. What made that more interesting later on, is that I had forgotten to bring the key. That made for an interesting time at the airport. I had also buckled on leather wrist cuffs just above my elbows. This gave them plenty of rings to secure me to the table.

One person grabbed each ankle and spread them apart. These were tied to the holes and rings at the end of the table. Ropes were tied to the wrist cuffs, anchoring them to the table. Then another rope ran run from the wrist cuffs to the cuffs on my biceps, going through the holes in the table and tying it tight. My elbow was fastened securely. The same was done to the other side. I could still move my hands from side to side, but that was taken care of when another rope was added, pulling the wrists closer together, making them completely immobile. My tied elbows served as a brace and prevented me from moving my body from side to side. I wasn't going anywhere, and I loved it.

"The rules of the contest are this. The first round will last for five minutes and will have one top tickling the bottom. The bottom will have a safe word, which is FIRE, if he is in any trouble, or wants to stop the scene. If he uses the word, he is out of the competition. The second round will last ten minutes and will have two tops doing the tickling. Again, the bottom can say the safe word to stop.

"After the first round, the top who was tickling, rotates clockwise. This way, nobody can get used to the tickler and develop a partnership to win. IF we get to the third round, things become more interesting. The bottom can only say NICE things to their tops. We will add another top and they can say whatever they want to get you to fail. This will also last ten minutes. If we still have two or more bottoms left, the next round we will open it up to all tops. This time, the bottoms can only laugh. Any words will cause the elimination of the contestant. This round will last for fifteen minutes. If we still have two people left after that, the bottoms won't be allowed to laugh out loud the next round. Any toys can be used to tickle the bottoms. Are we ready to begin."

Someone was assigned to tickle me first. I didn't know him and he ran his fingers up and down my ribs, tickling my neck, and spent just a little time at my feet. He was fun, but it wasn't hard to withstand the assault, as he had only five minutes to play. The other two made it easily also. The tops rotated and recruited another from the group. This was for 10 minutes. One tickled my upper body while another started to work on my feet. I was laughing hard by now, as the first guy had gotten me going fairly quickly. The guy at my feet asked for the Baby Oil, and he started to coat my feet in the oil. I was ready for that, as I had played with it the night before in a scene. I was laughing hard and talking to them, since that was still allowed. Too soon, the 10 minutes were up. Everyone was still in the competition.

The two rotated again, and a third was added. This time, we could only say nice things to the tops, and they got more vocal, trying to get us to curse. One of them came to the top of the table and tried to tickle my hand. I had it closed and wouldn't open. He bent my hand back and finally opened it. Five minutes or more went by where I was concentrating on keeping my hand closed, so the tickling didn't bother me. Whenever I was asked something, I always responded with a "Yes, Sir", or "Thank You, Sir", I've been trained well. I laughed hard as he stroked my hand, but was never in any trouble of saying anything negative.. The 10 minutes flew by.

Now, we had our original tickler, plus the ones he picked up along the way. A fourth was added. This was going to be a hard round for me. They knew I liked to talk when being tickled, and in this round, I couldn't .. Everyone was still alive. I didn't know if I could keep my mouth shut for 15 minutes. They started. Within 2 minutes, the person I was most fearful of said something. He was out. At that point I knew I could win. The fourth in this group was AP, who was the defending champ in this competition, and believed that I would be his toughest competitor in the final. So he tickled my face, neck and arms with a vengeance. It was great, and I was laughing hard. It was all I could do to keep from talking to him, but I felt I could hold on. After 10 minutes, it was over. I had won my heat. After they stopped, I laughed for a couple more minutes. The whole time I was being untied, I giggled. I tried to sit up and couldn't. It was several moments before I could get the strength to get off the table.

It took about 15 minutes to tie the second group up. AP was tied to the same table I was. By then, I was ready to play more, so I went back to the group of tops to be assigned a table. They counted off a little different, and I ended up at AP's table. When it was time to pick the first tickler, the group picked me.

"Guess who you've got as your first tickler, " AP was asked.

He looked over at me.

"OH, Shit!"

The time started. I started at the feet like I normally do.

They were nice, but was definitely not the most sensitive spot. So I went to his upper body. I attacked his ribs. He started laughing uproariously and started to twist and turn away. I stayed on his upper body, running my fingers up and down his ribs, around his chest and stomach, on his neck and face. He was definitely hot. I started laughing with him, telling him how much he seemed to like it. The whole time I tickled him I was laughing also. I worked up a sweat, running my hands as quickly as I could all over his upper body. Whenever he got too comfortable, I attacked his ribs. Too soon the five minutes were up. I kissed him on the cheek and told him how much fun he was and moved on.

I was tired. I had expanded a lot of energy the last hour and couldn't keep tickling at the same fervor. The next two got off easy from me, but others took up the slack. One fell off the third round, and both AP and the other made it through the fourth. Now they couldn't laugh out loud. By now, I was back on AP. I tried my best to get a reaction from me, tickling and talking to him, but he was steadfast. So was the other. After 10 minutes, the round was called a draw. Neither cracked. It was unbelievable.

Most everyone was upstairs, so we all went up. Nobody wanted to go back downstairs, so the three of us were declared co-winners and we donated the prize back to the club. After socializing for an hour, some of us went back to the motel. Playtime started all over again.

Rob Cline

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