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It's payback time...

Has some bully been bugging you?

Have you caught some creep breaking into your apartment?

Does your roommate really need to be taught a lesson?

Are you pissed at a pal who has just tickled the crap out of you?

Don't get mad . . . GET EVEN.

The following excellent stories center around REVENGE.
They might give you a few ideas:

The Intruder ~ by Bound2Tkl
The classic story of how to get even with a burglar caught in the act. Presented here in it's entirety, including the epilogue by KitElCat.

Tied and Tickled ~ by Glaucon
An obnoxious Frat Brother roommate learns a lesson in respect. (Includes "denial" torture, anal play.)

Wind Feather ~ by Eddie
An inspired story of revenge. Two ranch hands, who also perform certain S/M acts for the boss, devise a clever way to get even with the new hired hand, a slacker who needs to be taught a lesson.

A Snowy Winter Day ~ by J.P.
How to get even with a cocky buddy who keeps sticking his big, stinkin' feet in your face while you're trying to watch the game.

The Practical Joker ~ by Rob Cline
The R.A. of a college dorm masterminds an elaborate pay-back for a loathsome prankster.

The Lifeguard ~ by Wolf
On the hottest day of the summer, a "problem" lifeguard gets what's coming to him during a long, hot night on the beach.

The Stranger ~ by Bound2Tkl
From an unexpected encounter in an auto repair shop, to a rendezvous in a bedroom. An answered ad results in a double-payback with a handsome stranger.

Payback for Cowboy Ed ~ by Scooter McGraw
An ingenious plan for getting revenge on an ex-roommate who made off with some loot.

Dave's Punishment ~ by Eddie
A tennis pro, who can't keep his hands to himself, gets a surprise visit from a Revenge Squad. Intense tickle-punishment, including "denial" torture, might make him promise to behave.

Locker Room Revenge ~ by Jack
A true story (unfortunately) about two basketball teammates exacting some brutal revenge in a deserted locker room.

Horse Thief ~ by Scooter McGraw
Short but brutally sweet: how to send a horse thief "over the edge".

Let Him Have It ~ by J.P.
Turned tables: a straight guy catches his gay roommate sniffing his socks and shoes, and tries to punish and humiliate him with his feet. Instead, he ends up in an unusual predicament.

Tommy Gets What He Deserves ~ by Scooter McGraw
The author shares some fiendish ideas to pay back a buddy who has stolen some money. Words of advice: Don't Cross Scooter!

The Chapman Chronicles ~ by Wolf
The first several chapters of a continuing story. Something has got to be done about paying back that big, muscular bully, Jim Chapman. A group pile-up on a helpless victim gives the guys an idea, and a high school Phys Ed class gives them an opportunity.

The Fetish ~ by Pete_Roc
After being humiliated once again by football hero Craig, timid Glen pays a visit to a mysterious fortuneteller. Obtaining a voodoo talisman (fetish), Glen delights in taking creatively sadistic, long-distance revenge on ticklish bully Craig. But Craig's final torment and humiliation is at the hands of his vicious football jock buddies.

Jake and the Tickling Booth ~ by Huck
Cocky rodeo champ Jake needs to be taken down a peg or two for his smug attitude. Tricked into a bogus "tickling booth" at the county fair by his two buddies, Jake is tickle tortured by a pretty "Miss Lone Star". But Jake is not as dumb as he seems: back at the ranch, his buddies are ambushed, taken to the barn, and subjected to some down-home payback by Jake.

The Most Powerful Towel-Boy ~ by Pete_Roc
Henry, the timid towel-boy for the high school football team, is constantly harassed by the big bully quarterback, Dan Barrow. The other guys on the team help set up the quarterback for Henry to exact some very ticklish vengeance.

Turn-About ~ by Alfonso
An elaborate story of creative revenge: after being mercilessly tickled by his three college jock roommates, Rick seeks the diabolical aid of a rich and powerful New Orleans businessman. The roommates are kidnapped, cleverly restrained at a Mardi Gras carnival, and set upon by hoards of viciously playful fraternity boys. A classic.

Bear Season ~ by David
A violent story of two Vermont logging men who brutally abduct and torture a big, obnoxious lumberjack after a fistfight in a bar.

Coming Forward ~ by Eddie
As revenge for a "tickle-foul" during a rugby match, the losing team gangs up on the offending player from the opposing team. The tall, goodlooking Brian is ambushed in the locker room, restrained, and team-tickled until he "loses it" and shoots, against his will.

Apology to a Psycho Sole-Licker ~ by David
As revenge for posting a story on the Internet without permission, David's buddy really gives him the "business".

The Painter ~ by Scott
The cocky womanizer Tye needs to be paid back for constantly hassling Jeff. When Jeffs learns of Tye's secret, kinky weakness, he plots a cool revenge...

Payback For Rocco ~ by Richard
Super-macho security guard Rocco catches a burgler in his home and proceeds to punish and humiliate him. But when the tables get turned, and the secret basement dungeon is discovered, the action gets wilder. And wilder. (Includes humiliation, forced sex, spanking, torture, tickling, and orgasm denial.)

Rocker's Revenge ~ by Eddie
Brett, the cocky lead singer of a hot rock band, tickles the lead guitarist during his solo. The other band members agree that Brett needs to be taken down a peg or two. (Contains some sexual interaction among the straight rockers.)

Braddock Gets His ~ by Richard
A wild revenge story with no less than three straight, deserving victims! Cocky, gay-bashing jock Braddock, Senator Stetson, and motorcycle cop Tony pay for their sins. Includes some forced sexual activity and lots of "denial" torture.

Straight Dudes in Tickle Trouble ~ by Richard
In the company of men: two ruthless, amoral executives humiliate young intern Patrick. His revenge is sweet. And he gets a taste of it, too!

Straight Video Producers Forced to Star in Their Own Tickling Videos ~ by Richard
Two unscrupulous business executives form a company to produce M/M tickling videos. When they refuse to pay their actors, the guys revolt and turn the tables on their former bosses with some severe tickling and orgasm denial torture. (Someone should use this story as a shooting outline!)

Feet of Clay - As The Tables Turn ~ by Richard
Gay-basher Clay surprises a neighborhood boy who has broken into his home. The lad is humiliated and forced to service Clay's feet. But a bathroom mishap and an unexpected guest help the lad turn the tables on his former tormentor.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Black ~ by The Dark One
A black health club attendant takes some sadistic revenge on a upper-class white bigot.

The Spy Who Never Came ~ by Richard
James Vaughn, CIA spy stationed in Moscow, gets in up to his balls when he confronts Russian spies and dignitaries. A wild tale of revenge, double- and triple-crosses, political intrigue, and sexual blackmail. Oh, those wild Russians! (Includes severe orgasm denial torture and other intense tortures.)

Scout's Honor ~ by Rob
Sharing a tent with a ticklemaniac on a scouting trip presents the opportunity for some tickle revenge.

The Agony of De-Feet ~ by Richard
An arrogant, prick-teasing actor who uses gay guys in the industry to further his career, receives his "cum-uppance".

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