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Cum Control

The two most prevalent forms of controlling a guy's orgasm are "denial" and "milking".

"Orgasm denial", as in tying a guy down and manipulating his penis so that he is NOT QUITE able to shoot his load, often for hours (days?) at a stretch.

Some guys define "milking" as merely stroking a guy off, usually taking your damn sweet time about it.

My definition of milking is: forcing a guy into repeated ejaculations, usually against his will (well, at least, after the third or fourth time, anyway).

A buddy of mine has defined "milking" as, simply:
"involuntary seman extraction by hand or machine".

Denial and milking are often a major part of M/M tickling sessions.

The following stories explore various aspects of this excellent method of male torture.

Many other stories collected on this site also deal with aspects of orgasm denial. Look around and you will find them. (Hint: look for the words "denial" or "control" in the introductory blurbs.)

Several of these stories do not contain any tickling, but because the subject is directly linked to tickle torture, I wanted to collect and share some of the best:

A Farmboy's Memoir ~ by D.G.Ross
A beginning: a terrific story about two guys experimenting with torture games.

Mark's Submission ~ Author Unknown
In this classic story, a curious straight buddy is introduced to intense bondage, tickling and orgasm denial.

The Fiend ~ by Eddie
Eddie's infamous fantasy story about life in Hell.

Bound Ecstasy ~ Author Unknown
Playing out a universal fantasy: drugging, binding, and testing the self-control of a haughty, muscular Adonis.

Lord Kinzuboro's Gift ~ by D.G.Ross
A well-written historical story of a royal poet who receives an exotic gift: an eerily "talented" young lad.

The King's Entertainment ~ by Eddie
On a tour of his torture chamber, a bored king stops to torture a young slave, who must exert maximum self-control, or risk plummeting to his death.

Seven Hard...Hours ~ by Jack
A true account of a recent session with a horny muscleboy.

Giving a Helping Hand ~ by Lyle Blake
Straight buddy Bob, laid up in the hospital with two broken arms and unbelievably horny, is unable to...relieve...his aching nuts by himself. The mischievous author pays him a visit and, remembering how ticklish Bob was as a kid, offers to help him out. After all, what are friends for?

The Physical ~ by MPKidder
A horny, ticklish straight guy shows up at Dr. Johnson's office for a routine physical examination. Prescribing an ejaculation to relieve the guy's swollen testicles, the sadistic doctor dispenses a laboriously slow "treatment".

Keith's First Bondage Experience ~ by MPKidder
A bisexual college basketball jock answers an ad and meets a bondage topman. The jock, who has fantasized about being restrained and jerked off, is very nervous. He has every right to be!

The Stable ~ by Eddie
A short "quickie" from Eddie, about a farmhand's daily "milking" chores.

Straight and Bound: Mark ~ by Eric Lane
A small group of gay college boys have their eye on Mark, a goodlooking, straight jock fratboy. When Mark insults them in the locker room, the boys take their revenge by kidnapping Mark, tying him up, and teaching him about gay sex, orgasm denial, and milking torture. (This is a re-written version of a story that has appeared elsewhere on the Net.)

The Story of Sam ~ by Wayne C.
Straight young married guy Sam, home alone, admits some local teens into his house. The horny, sadistic teens overpower poor Sam, tie him up, and tickle him until he shoots a load...again and again and again. A classic tickling/milking story.

Straight and Bound: Steve ~ by Eric Lane
That group of horny gay college boys is at it again. This time, their prey is Steve, a hot, goodlooking straight wrestler. They guys get Steve drunk, ambush him, tie him up, and introduce him to the "pleasures" of tickle torture, erotic pain, orgasm denial, and milking torture. The author has re-written this story especially for The Rack.

Revenge Is Sweet ~ by Richard
A cocky straight stud gets the tables turned on him by two diabolical intruders. The muscular guy gets double-teamed but good, including spanking, bondage, humiliation, forced sex, tickling...and prolonged orgasm denial.

Cum Control Lesson for a Straight Guy: Steve-Part 1 ~ by Eric Lane
The straight younger brother of a college roommate is forced to accept a drunken wager by a group of horny gay college dudes. Will they be able to force him to shoot his load? How many times? (This is a re-written version of a story called "Straight Steve Is Made To Cum").

Craig's Job Interview ~ by MPKidder
Young Craig answers a flyer for a part time job, and gets trapped in an "endurance test" as part of the job interview. How many loads will he be forced to spill before he lands the job?

Mafia Boss Tony Mummified and Tickled ~ by Richard
A straight, gay-bashing mafia hunk gets his cum-uppance at the hands of two gay guys who have felt the sting of his "protection" racket.

Abduction ~ by Rob
A mean-spirited fraternity prank results in a 19-year old frat boy being kidnapped and punished by a mysterious, vengeful man. Elaborate bondage, sexual torture, severe orgasm denial, anal torture, the Rack, forced milking, tickling machines, and potent gels are combined in this awesome story.

Blue-Blooded Health Club Studs Given Blue Balls ~ by Richard
After-hours payback in a deserted health club. Multiple victims are targeted and videotaped. The Hispanic watchman gets delicious revenge on a rude, bigoted personal trainer. And a vacationing executive corrals and abuses an arrogant straight stud.

Dr. Gumm ~ by Franco
A football player must submit to an exam by Dr. Gumm in order to be allowed to play. With the coach's assistance, the two men put the young jock through hell! He's not called "Dr. Gumm" for nothing.

Dr. Leland Everhard's Totally Vicious, Wickedly Wonderful, Marvelously Malicious Tickling Milking Machine ~ by Martell
With the promise of a cash payment for his services, a horny guy submits to testing out a mad doctor's latest screwball invention.

Getting Griffey ~ by Gary
A group of precocious, horny Little Leaguers trick baseball star Ken Griffey into getting tied up. The kids proceed to tickle, tease and torture the hunk until he is out of his mind. He eventually scores a "home run", a forced play.

The Many Cummings of Kevin ~ by MPKidder
An intense, run-on, stream of conscious piece, about a young jock who gets talked into being tied up by his jock buddy for some "endurance training" and discipline. Once tied, the poor guy is milked and milked and milked until he is losing his mind. A wild story of repeated, forced ejaculations.

Milking The Bull ~ by Gary
This story is based on the drawing, "Milking The Bull" by Franco. It explains how and why the young guy is tied up with that machine on his penis, and what happens to him when a lab assistant takes advantage of his helpless situation.

The Arcade ~ by MPKidder
A young guy is lured into trying out a new arcade game by a mysterious promoter, with the promise of a prize for being a test subject. The new electronic game is called "The Milk Shooter".

Whatever Happened to Baby James? ~ by Phaz
An exercise in prolonged orgasm denial torture.

The Chair ~ by Rick
A challenge between buddies results in a "to cum or not to cum" competition, with the victim tightly strapped to an evilly-modified barber's chair. A truely imaginative story, which plays right into your webmaster's fondest fantasies.

Disobeying The Master ~ by MPKidder
Paying a visit to a strict guy who is known for tying guys up and jerking them off - slowly.

Names Changed to Protect the Not-So-Innocent ~ by BiMattyBoy
Two straight wrestling buddies, cheating with tickling, challenge each other to hold out against forced hand-jobs and not to shoot their loads.

Revenge ~ by DarkWriter
Tired of losing their wrestling matches, a buddy tricks the author into a tough bondage position and masterfully works him over. My kind of wrestling match!

On Command ~ by Chas
A creative, competitive jerk-off game played with a deck of cards, with "stiff" penalties for the loser.

Over Again: A Milking Story ~ by Hephistian
Waking up securely tied down to a bed, the author experiences repeated forced milking at the hands of an expert.

Tommy's Big Boy Boner ~ by Glaucon
A horny young lad's hard penis need management and control. Special thanks to Glaucon for permission to post this story, actually written as a segment of his "Asylum" series (see the "Clinical Tickling" section of this website).

Revenge ~ by MPKidder
An older brother exacts some painful revenge on his tattle-tale younger bro by tying him up and jerking him off - repeatedly.

Prince Val's Persuasion ~ by J.O. Dickingson
A remarkable story of severe, prolonged teasing and orgasm denial used as an interrogation tool against a proud warrior. This story was inspired by this Oliver Frey drawing featured below in the "Cum Control Drawings" section.

Tickling Arthur's Feet ~ by Christopher Rosalie
A very creative, intense story about trapping an executive in a set of stocks and a chair, and mercilessly teasing and tickling him, and not only his feet! The story was inspired by the set of photos, Executive Tickle Torture Machine by ExecTickler in the "Tools of the Trade" section of this website.

The Wall ~ by Eddie
The ultimate in orgasm-denial torture. A young man is bound in a devious position and kept from release by some extremely sophisticated methods.

The Machine ~ by Eddie
At last, Eddie has written a sequel to his popular story, "The Wall" (see above). This picks up where the last story left off, with the poor victim being teased and tortured out of his mind with severe orgasm denial.

Cum Control Drawings ~ by Various Artists
Some of the best artists around share their visions of milking machines, genital tickling, and forced j/o. Thanks to Franco, Joe T., Malex, and the other fine artists.

Cum Control Pics ~ by Jack
Some pictures from Jack's bondage playroom, showing guys who want to shoot real badly.

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