Ticklish Teen


Rob Cline


Hey. I've got a cool story to tell you, so listen up. You see, I'm a real hot jock, with a body which I've worked awfully hard to look good. Now, for me, there is only one real sport, and that is hoops, baby. I love to bang bodies in the paint, and I play very aggressively. Our coach likes a running game, so we stay in great shape. And I pump iron to keep my body strong enough to punish whoever wants to try to guard me. I'm the only player who wants to lift regularly, and maybe that's why the wrestling team likes to fuck with me.

I lift the same time those guys do. Let me tell you something, those guys are crazy. Always trying to lose ten pounds to go to a lower weight class - eating 300 calories a day. I mean that is NUTS! But they like me, cause I'll lift with them. And they ALWAYS would like to practice a new hold on me. Since I'm fairly tall - 6'5" - they have a hard time trying to put me in a compromising position. And, I'll have to admit, I kinda like wrestling with them. I always seem to get hard whenever we start messing around.

Let me describe this hole where we lift. It's an old gym, so it wasn't built with a weight room in mind. Guess where they put the weights, then. In the furnace room! It gets hot as shit down there, so everyone strips their shirt off. Let me tell you, there are a lot of great looking half-naked guys giving each other the once over after every set. Even though I have o good hot body for a hoop player, these guys make me feel like I'm a skinny turkey. But, as I said before, they like me, which is definitely cool. And it's nice to have your own cheering section at the games, too.

But, to get in with them, I had ta get initiated into their group. They didn't really say that it was an initiation, though, they kinda did it real sneaky like. You see, after they figured out that I was an OK guy, they decided to hold a contest in the weight room. It was a weightlifting contest. Each of the "contestants" were weighed and the weight to be lifted was determined by your body weight. The contestant who lifted the weight the least amount of reps on each exercise would lose. The loser would have to strip off one article of clothing. To make it more interesting, the piece of clothing was thrown in the furnace. It didn't take a genius to figure out that someone would have to leave buck naked. I started to leave the room, figuring the contest was a wrestling thing. I was grabbed and told that I would have to participate if I was to lift with them again. All of them had these big shit-eating grins on their faces as we started.

I knew I was fucked. I mean, these guys STARVE their ass all the time to make weight. I'm trying to put weight on. There was no fucking way I could win. The other rule of the competition was that the winner chose the next exercise. The captain of the wrestling team started.

"Bench Press"

These guys were pumping out 20 to 30 reps. There was no way I could do more than 6. I started taking off a shoe.

"No way, man. You gotta lift the weights."

So I put my ass on the bench and lifted. They had a couple of spotters. They made me keep lifting the weight even after I couldn't do it on my own. But they had me stop before I beat someone. Fuck. They were trying to burn me bad. I never had a chance to take off my sneaker. They jumped me and tore both of them off and threw them in the furnace. I protested.

"Sneaks count as one. Next exercise, pull-ups."

They had me go second this time. I only got three. They laughed at me. However, someone else only got two, and they stripped him of his sneaks. Something didn't seem right. I knew the guy could get more than two. They were all smiling and laughing among themselves - even the guy who just lost.

"Next exercise - bench press"

Shit, there was no way I could do more than 2. Everybody else just did 3 to beat me and they tackled me down again and stripped off my socks. That's when it happened. As they were holding my ass down, taking off my stinky socks, someone ran his finger along the sole of my foot. I broke out laughing. The guys eyes got REAL big and they held me down and tickled my feet for several minutes. Then we resumed the contest. I overheard someone say, "Man, are we going to have fun tonight. I can't wait!"

I was down to my shorts and jock. The guys, though, weren't going to let me off without getting a good workout. I was moved to near the back of the line. There was always at least one person after me. This way, I couldn't just quit on accept my fate. We did three more exercises before I lost my shorts. The guys ripped them off of me. They did that cause they were holding me down and tickling various parts of my body. Man, let me tell you, I was embarrassed. It was bad enough just having a jock on, but knowing that they could gang up on me and tickle the shit out of me was too much.

We did set after set. Each time a different person lost until everyone had lost their shoes and socks. I was "helped" on several exercises, so I wouldn't finish last. By the time I lost my jock, my body was dead. I couldn't even fuckin resist.

"You lost, man, so you are ours for the evening." With that, he stripped his shorts and jock off, rolled me on my stomach and used his jock to tie my hands behind my back. I couldn't do a fucking thing to stop him, either. He put his shorts back on. Several others did the same. One was put in my mouth as a gag. Another was used to blindfold me. Another was put over my face, with the pouch over my nose. No matter how I breathed, I was breathing their sweat. During all this, my cock got hard as a rock.

I couldn't do shit. I was brought to my feet. "Time to go, big boy." I tried to protest, but the jock muffled my voice.

We went upstairs. I could hear other people in the gym. I tried to struggle, but was held firm. Instead of going to the locker rooms, I was led outside! Damn. I could hear people laughing as I was led across the lawn.

It was about a half mile to their house. It was the longest fucking half mile I have ever gone, let me tell you. I don't know how many people saw me, but I know a lot of people did. I was glad I was blindfolded.

I was put on one of the beds, and the jocks were taken off of me. My hands and legs were immediately grabbed and tied to the four corners of the bedframe face up. I was still hard, too. I couldn't believe it.

"Time to have some fun, boys!"

Five of them started on me at once. Two were at my feet, one at each side of me, and a fifth climbed up on the bed with me and started tickling my cock, balls and asshole. I was going nuts. I was thrashing all over the place, laughing my fool head off. The more he tickled my poor cock, the harder the sucker got. That seemed to make me more ticklish. Somebody brought out a bottle of baby oil and coated my feet with it. Man, when they ran their fingers down my soles now, I about jumped out of the bed. I was begging them to let me up.

"No way, man, we don't stop until you shoot your load."

Fuck. The guy playing with my cock has gotten me right on the verge, but then he backs off and tickles me some more. I promised that I'd do anything if they let me cum and stop tickling me.

That's what they wanted to hear. The guy pumped my cock several times and I exploded like I've never done before. Man, it felt like I shot a gallon. I had just about passed out, when I was ticked some more.

"S-s-st-top. ha ha ha You-you-you promised. ha ha ha hahahaha"

"Do you promise to come over here every night before one of our matches so we can release our energies on you?"

"Y-y-yesss, ha ha hahaha Just s-stop ti-ticking me-me ha ha ha."

"And you agree to become the property of any of us that win a match for whatever they wish that evening?"

"Y-y-yes, anything you want, just s-s-top, please hahahahaha."

They tickled me for a few minutes more, making sure that I would not break my promise before they stopped and released me. I was covered with sweat and I was too fucking tired to move. I took me several minutes more to stop laughing. I was then welcomed to their club.

Fuck, I was now their tickle toy. They always made sure they found me the night before the match, and I always had to please at least several of the guys following the match. After a while, man, I even started looking forward to it. Funny, huh.

Oh, I almost forgot. After they released me, they made me go home bare ass naked.

That's my story.

Rob Cline

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