St. Andrew's Cross


Rob Cline

I was tied facing the cross. My legs were spread and tied tightly to the outside eyelet. Rope cuffs were put on my wrists and tied tightly to the top eyelet, causing me to stand on my toes. My freshly shaved body was stretched tight and completely vulnerable to any touch. Brian was exploring my body. I started laughing almost immediately.

"Are you going to tell me where you are most ticklish?"

Brian said as he continue to move his fingers all over my body.

"Hahahahahahacan'thahahahaha . . . .I'mticklishalloverhahahahahaha . . ."

"So tell me your five most ticklish spots. And you better be right or you'll be punished"

My eyes went wide as I answered while laughing. "Hahahaha...huh uh ... hahahahaha . . ." I was in a teasing mood.

Brian walked around to the back of the cross, so he could look at me face to face. He was smiling as he spoke, "You are going to tell me your most ticklish areas, aren't you?"

Even though he wasn't touching me at the time, I was still laughing. "Nope hahahahahhaha ..."

He attacked both my sides at the same time, running his fingers up and down my ribs, and digging his fingers deep into my pits. I tried to squirm away from his attack, moving around on the cross as much as the ropes would allow. I couldn't get away from his assault.

"HAHAHAHAhahahahahaokayhahahahahahaha . . . th-that's onehahahahhahahaha."

"Where else?" Brian said as he continued his path up and down my ribs.

"Hahahahahamyfeethahahahahaha" I could barely get the words out.

Brian started to tickle the exposed soles of my feet. I couldn't move them very far, but I was trying for all its worth. My commotion on the cross started to interest some of the other members. Dave thought I was wriggling around to much and went to get some rope. Brian stood up and started back on my ribs as he spoke into my ear "Where else?"


"Your what?" Brian said as he dug his fingers into me harder.


Brian started to run his hands up and down both the inside and outside areas of my thighs. I started squirming around again. Somebody took off his belt, wrapped it around my waist and the middle of the X in the cross and buckled it tight. That restricted my movements considerably. Dave came back with some rope and began to secure my legs to the cross. Brian tickled my thighs until Dave began to tie them.

"Where's the fourth spot."


Brian started to tickle my balls. With that, I started to quiet down.

"They're not ticklish. You lied to me. Now you'll have to

be punished"

I was still laughing as Dave tickled me as he was tying my other leg to the post. Brian came back and snapped a cock and ball harness on me.

"Now we'll have to start all over. The first spot was your ribs and pits." Brian attacked them and drove me to a frenzy. I could still move my upper body around a little, but my legs were totally secure. "Next were your feet." I couldn't move them at all. Brian spent some time tickling both the tops and soles of my feet. Dave in the meantime had finished tying my legs and I felt a rope being tied to the cock and ball harness. "Now your thighs." My skin was stretched even more with the rope around them. I was laughing harder. I felt a tug on my balls as the rope was tied tightly to the cross.

"Tell me the fourth spot NOW!"

"HAHAHAHA . . . hahaha . . . below my balls hahahahaha"

Brian flicked his fingers in the area between my cock and asshole. I started to fling my head around as he tortured the area. Dave came around in front of me and grabbed my head, holding it down between the cross. It effectively immobilized my upper body.

"And the last area?"

"hahahahaha my ha ha hands ha ha ha ha"

He couldn't get to my hands. I'm taller than Brian is, and there was no way for him to tie my hands to keep them open and assessable to him. Dave had noticed how effective holding my head down had been, picked up another piece of rope and tied it to a eyelet on the back side of one cross piece, over the back of my neck, and to the eyelet on the other side. Now, the only thing I could move was my hands.

Brian admired their handiwork. "Now Dave, let me show you the five areas that are most ticklish. First you have his ribs and pits." Brian tickled me to show that I was still very sensitive there. "Next are his feet." Brian moved back down and tortured my helpless feet. "His thighs" I was sweating heavily and drops were stinging my eyes. "Around his ass" By this time, most of the people not tied up had gathered around to watch. "And his hands. Go ahead and see if you can remember all the areas."

Dave attacked my rib area with a vengeance. He had a different style, which caused the sensations to be more stimulating. I was laughing hard now. Dave took his time and worked slowly down my body, making sure he got a good reaction from me before moving on. Finally he settled on my feet.

As Dave continued to work on my feet, Brian spoke up. "Hey Ken, let me show you the areas where he is most ticklish."

I looked up. Ken was right in front of me, grinning like a Cheshire cat, his fingers moving up and down quickly.

"K-K-Ken!", I laughingly yelled. "hahaha ha ha You are ha ha supposedtobe hahahahaha a bottom haha ha ha. What ha ha ha are you ha ha ha hahaha doing here ha ha hahahahaha."

" You look so hot, I decided to play top for awhile. Now you're really in for it!"

Soon, six hands were exploring my body. keeping me laughing long into the night.

Rob Cline

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