If The Shoe Fits


Rob Cline


Hi there people. Why don't you get something to drink, sit back and relax while I tell you my story. My name is Mike, and I have what I consider the best job in the world. Now, it doesn't pay that much, the hours are lousy, and the job has gotten a bad rep from a certain TV show. But, for a guy like me, it is the only job to have. I LOVE feet, and being the manager of a self service athletic shoe store lets me see the sweaty feet of all the HOT young guys here in the Mile High City.

You see, we have all the major brands; all the newest and coolest footwear at great prices. So the cash starved young hunks all come to check out the merchandise as soon as a new shoe is introduced. It gets to be a madhouse sometimes, but I love it.

An event happened several weeks ago that fulfilled a fantasy of mine. A tall hunk came in the store on a pair of crutches. He was wearing a tank top, a pair of long baggy shorts that went almost to his knees, and a pair of Nike sandals. His leg was wrapped in an ace bandage and he still had his hospital wrist bracelet on. I had seen him before in the store and thought he was one sexy dude. So I went over to him.

"What the hell happened to you?"

"I was playing hoops in the park when my knee got twisted.

It's those damn shoes I had on. I knew they were worn out, but I was too lazy to buy a new pair."

"How bad is it?"

"Doc said I was lucky. Just sprained it. But I got to get a new pair of wheels."

"What are you looking for?"

"I'm a Nike man. What do you have?"

"Well, let me measure your foot, and I'll go see."

I took off his sandals. As I removed them, my fingers accidentally ran along the bottom of his foot. The leg flinched back immediately. "Sorry," I told him, not really meaning it. He measured as a size 13. He didn't look very comfortable sitting on the bench.

"I have a big chair in the office, if you think you would be more comfortable there. Anyways, I'll have to get you a pair of socks to put on before you can try on the sneaks."


"Make yourself comfortable. I'll see you in a few."

I showed him where the office was and went to get him several pairs of sneaks to try on. Along the way, I got interrupted. We were a short a person, and I had to ring up several sales. Then some others needed help in finding their size. It wasn't until closing time that I went back to my office and saw the kid. I had forgotten all about him. He was asleep in my chair, with his bare size 13s propped over the desk. The setup was too inviting. I went out and locked up the store, all the time thinking about the hunk in my office.

His feet were crossed on top of each other. I took my belt off and wrapped it around his ankles, buckling them together. I took some rope that was laying around in the office off of the cases the shoes are shipped to us. I tied one end around the belt, brought the rope around to the front, and tied it to a leg of the desk. I took another piece of rope and tied it around his thighs, so he wouldn't jerk his legs and hurt the knee. I secured that rope to the back legs of the desk. His lower body was totally secured. Now it was time to wake my victim up.

I started stroking my fingers up and down the soles of his feet. He started to giggle then suddenly opened his eyes.

"Wh-what are you doing, ha ha?"

"Tickling your sexy feet, you big hunk."

"Don't - St-stop ha ha that, ha ha ha. I-I-I ca-can't stand

ha ah to be ti-tickled th-there."

"Don't stop you say. I guess you really like to be tickled."

"N-NOOOO, ha ha hahaha, pl-pl-please st-st-stop ha ha hahaha."


I stopped tickling him with my hands just long enough for me to start licking the soles of his feet and sucking on his toes. That seemed to drive my young friend crazy.

"Pl-please, stop that, hahaha ha ha. You-youur starting to make me hard, ha ha ha."

"Really!!" I went back to stroking his now-slicked soles.

"Why don't you do something about it?"

"N-N-N-NOOOO, HAHAhaha ha ha. Dooooon't ha ha ha HAHA ha ah"

"Don't what?" I went back to his toes while still running my fingers along his soles. The front of his shorts was sticking straight out and a wet spot appeared at the peak. I started to laugh at his predicament. Then I got an idea. "I'm going to do this until you cum, so it's up to you how long you want to endure this."

"Pl-pl-pleaseeee HAHAHAha ha ha haha ha." His upper body was thrashing around in the chair. His hands, though, were untying the shorts, and sliding them down below his stiff prick. His cock was as hot as the rest of his body. A good 8 long and dripping. I went back to licking his soles.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing. "Ha ha, uh ... uh ......emh emh uh ... uh uh UH UH UHHHHHH"

It was absolutely incredible. He shot over the chair, on his head and face, and over the front of his tank top. He must have spurted nearly a dozen times. I had stopped tickling him when he started to cum. Now, I started to untie his legs as he slumped, exhausted, in the chair. I wondered how he would handle the situation. He didn't speak until I had finished untying his legs.

"That was unbelievable, man."

"I'm glad you liked it."

He looked at the bulge in my pants. "Looks like you enjoyed it, also" He took off his shirt and wiped the cum from his face on it. "I think I'm going to need a new T-shirt to wear home."

I went to the show floor and got him a Nike T-shirt. "Here, it's on me."

"Thanks. I never did try on the new sneaks."

"I know."

"Do you think I can come by tomorrow?" He had a big grin on his face.

I smiled back. "Sure."

"Good. Maybe I can convince you to give me a discount!" He laughed loudly. "And I think I know just how to get it. Be ready."

He smiled at me as he left the store. I wondered what was on his mind. I knew one thing, I'll find out soon enough...

Rob Cline

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