Davvy Asked For It


Rob Cline


"Hey Davvy, It's Rob. How you doin' man?"

"Hi Rob. Good to hear from you. I'm doing O.K."

"So, what's your plans for the weekend."

"Not much. I have a bunch of yard work that needs done."

"Well, forget about that. I'm about an hour outside of Cleveland right now. Give me the directions to your house. It's time for you to pay me up!"

ROB'S STORY: Davvy had asked me for it. We started out by corresponding on the internet, as Davvy would comment on my stories, and I would write back trying to get more input. Soon, we were writing each other every day, and a few weeks ago, we started calling. The whole time, Davvy had said that it would be great to be tickled like that. He was now going to get his wish.

DAVVY'S STORY: I took all our correspondence as fantasy. I knew that I was ticklish, but I hated it as a kid, and didn't really want to experience it again. But the subject had always interested me, so I read the stories on the internet. I had never even dreamed that I would write to anyone, much less develop a correspondence with someone. But that's exactly what happened. I have no idea on why I had told Rob that he could tickle me. I didn't really mean it. But now, he is less than a half hour from me, and I'm getting nervous. And also very excited.

ROB: His directions were perfect. I had told Davvy, that I would be rougher on him if he gave me bad directions. I brought my bag of restraints with me, along with my instruments of trade. Davvy looked a little nervous as he greeted me in the driveway. His eyes kept looking at the bag in my hand as we walked inside. He got us something to drink, and we sat around just trying to get comfortable with each other. I also told him to turn the a.c. off. No sense in getting cold after sweating for a couple of hours.

DAVVY: When Rob said that I'd be sweating for a couple of hours, I almost panicked. Even as a kid, I was never tickled more than 10 or 15 minutes. I didn't know if I could take a couple of hours. Rob asked me if I had ever shaved my body. I told him I didn't and asked why. He said that my skin would be more sensitive right after being shaved. He laughed when I told him that I would be sensitive enough, thank you.

ROB: Davvy started to relax as we talked, and his eyes lit up when I told him that he could have a chance to tickle me if he wanted to. It was getting warm in the room, so we both took off our shirts. I reached into my bag and took out some wrist restraints and told Davvy to put his arms out. After a little hesitation, he did, and I buckled each cuff to his wrists. I asked him how he was doing.

DAVVY: I was doing fine, but when Rob locked the cuffs together, I knew that I would have to go through with it. He rubbed his hands lightly up and down my arms, chest and back which sent shivers through me. By the time he took my pants off, my cock was hard. The whole time, Rob was lightly touching some part of my body, and I was reacting to every touch. Rob hung his bag around my neck, took a hold of my stiff prick, and we went into the bedroom.

ROB: I had Davvy lie in the middle of the bed. I took two ankle cuffs and locked them on each ankle. I took some rope and tied the cuffs to the corners of the bed, and also tying the two cuffs together. I tied it so the feet were about two feet apart - close enough for me to tickle both at the same time, but far enough apart for me to get to his inner thighs, balls and asshole. His feet weren't going to go anywhere. I then got a two inch collar and buckled it around his neck.

DAVVY: I was puzzled when Rob put the collar on me, but then he unlocked my wrist cuffs and proceeded to lock each cuff to a D-ring on each side. I could move my upper body at will, but my arms were positioned so that my upper torso was stretched and my armpits were easily available to him. Rob then blindfolded me, and told me to relax and have fun. Right.

ROB: I thought it would be more fun to have Davvy squirm around a little - but just a little - when I started to tickle him. By blindfolding him, he wouldn't know where I was going to go next. I think Davvy forgot that he had sent me a list of areas he said was most ticklish. That helped, but finding all the ticklish spots is half the fun. But I like feet, and that's where I started. I started drawing patterns on his soles. Within a minute, Davvy started to giggle. Up and down, around and around, Davvy was laughing continuously, but not too hard yet. That was soon to change.

DAVVY: Ha, ha, ... I'm not doing ha, ha, ha, ... so well ha, ha .... bu-bu-but it doesn't ha,ha, hee ... seem so b-b-bad ha, ha ... yet. SH-SH-SSSHEIITT HA, HA, HEE, HA, HA HO, HA, WH-WH-WHAT HA, HA, HO, HA, HA IS-IS-IS TH-TH-THAT!!! HA, HA, HEE, HEE, HA HA, HO.

ROB: I knew the feather would get to him, as I ran it through his toes. Davvy was going nuts. He WAS very ticklish around his toes. I started moving up his legs. By now, whatever I touched caused him to laugh, AND I haven't even gotten to his upper body yet.

I noticed his cock had started to go soft, so I spent some time getting Davvy horny while giving him a short break to catch his breath. Then I started tickling his balls. Davvy went ballistic. I concentrated on tickling his balls and asshole. I couldn't believe how sensitive he was there. Every time I went back to his balls, his cock got harder. I knew he was about to explode, so I kept tickling him there until he came.

DAVVY: Oh, Oh, Oh, sh-shit, ha,ha, ha,ha. Tha-tha-that was in-incredible, ha, ha, hee, ha, ha. I -I-I don don't ha, ha, th-think I co-could ta-take ha, ha, anymore ha, ha, of th-this ha ha.

ROB: I knew his body would be even more sensitive after cumming, and I had not even gotten to his stomach, ribs and armpits yet. Davvy thought he was going to get a break. It was not time for him to rest yet. I started at his belly button. All I had to do was to touch it and Davvy went nuts. This was going to be great. I ran my fingers up and down his ribs. Davvy was thrashing about wildly. I sat on his stomach while I played with his ribs to keep him from going all over the place, but he still could move a lot. When I attacked his armpits, Davvy pissed all over himself. That's when I decided he had had enough for one time. I released his feet and took we went to the bathroom to clean him up.

I threw off the covers of the bed and put them in the laundry. I then put him back on the bed, retied his feet and threw a cover over him. Time for Davvy to recover before the next session.

Four hours later.

DAVVY: I think I lost 10 pounds over the last four hours.

Right now, Rob is in the shower shaving his body completely. I told him he better not miss anything either. It's payback time.

Rob Cline

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