Naptime / The Request


Rob Cline

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"Nap Time" was published in
Bound and Gagged Magazine
Outbound Press
P.O. Box 2048
New York, NY 10116-2048


After an hour of racquetball, Tony and I decided to shoot free throws to determine who gets tied up for "nap time". The game goes like this. We each do 20 pushups before starting to shoot. The object is to hit 10 free throws in a row. However, if you miss, you have to do 2x the number of free throws you have left. Each player alternates shooting. The pushups mess up the touch you have, so it is difficult to get a run going. Sometimes when we play this game, nobody ever gets 10 in a row, and the loser is the one that is unable to do any more pushups.

That didn't happen this time. Tony hit 10 on his second attempt. I was told to take off my shirt and start doing pushups. I had to do three sets with little rest, and Tony helped me get the last 10, just so my arms would feel like rubber and be unable to resist much when being tied.

When we got to the car, I was told to get into the back seat. The seat belt was fastened behind me, and my hands were cuffed behind my back to the seat belt. Clothespins were put on my tits so I'd have something to think about for the fifteen minute ride home. After arriving, Tony released the seat belt, told me to get into the house, get naked and head up to bed.

We like to tie each other up in positions that are reasonably comfortable, so that the loser has at least the possibility of being able to take a nap once "nap time" starts. I have a king size waterbed and lay there several minutes before Tony came in.

He started by putting a collar on me that has two d-rings on it. Then he uncuffed me and put mittens on each hand. He then took a rope and tied the top ring on the mitten to the bottom ring, so my hand formed a fist and was virtually useless. The he took another piece of rope, hooked it through the rope on the mitten and tied it to the corner of the bed. My other hand was tied the same way to the other corner of the bed so my arms were stretched with just a little slack for movement. Next, Tony took more lengths of rope and tied an end securely to each ankle. Taking the other end, he ran the rope through one of the d-rings on the collar and pulled until my leg was bent up in the air and he could tie the rope back on the same ankle. He did the other leg the same way. Next, he took the clothespins off my nipples, which felt good as you know, but immediately replaced them with tit clamps which hurt like hell. Tony told me to quit whining or he'd give me something to whine about.

A short rope was then fastened to the chain of the tit clamps and tied tight to the ropes holding my ankle up. So if I moved my ankles up, it would pull on the clamps. Tony wasn't finished though. He then took another rope, tied it to my cock, ran the rope up to a ring on a drawer over the top of the bed and tied it tight. Then he took one final piece of rope, tied one end to the rope holding my ankles, ran it up through the ring on top of the bed, brought the rope back down and tied it tight to the nipple clamps. I was in a fix. Any movement pulled the tit clamps and if I moved my body, my cock was pulled also.

You should know that Tony likes to tickle me. "Nap time" didn't come until 90 minutes later.

The Request

"You WILL suck my cock!"

Oh shit, I thought. Our games have finally come to this.

Here I am, freshly shaved from the neck down; my naked body covered with sweat; leather ankle cuffs around each ankle and locked together; my hands tied behind my back and tied to my balls; kneeling in front of this 22 year old.

"You will suck my cock." Tony said again.

I had coached Tony when he played ball in college. I found out he was ticklish one road trip when we wrestled in the hotel room. After that, I tickled his ribs and stomach area before every game. His teammates always yelled for me to "Get him, C, get him". They got as much fun out of it as I did. Tony started to play better, so the kids wanted me to tickle him for luck. I obliged.

After the season, he came over to the house to watch a game and eat pizza. We started to wrestle again, but this time he was prepared. Tony had brought a set of cuffs with him, just in case I didn't behave myself, as he later put it. He managed to cuff my hands behind my back. "Let's see how you like to be tickled." he said at the time.

So he started tickling my rib area, and I started laughing and squirming away. He found out my secret. We quickly assumed the roles that would be played when we got together. Within a week, I was required to get naked every time we were together. Now, he wanted to take our games to another level.

"You will suck my cock", came the voice in front of me again.

"No, I won't."

"Oh, I think you will," Tony said as he tied another piece of rope around my cock to use as a leash. "I think you'll be asking me to let you suck my cock before long."

Tony unlocked the lock holding the two ankle cuffs together, picked up the end of the rope that was tied to my cock, and led me upstairs to the bedroom. When we got upstairs, he tied the rope around the doorknob, so I wouldn't go anywhere while he got some other equipment out. A collar with d rings was buckled around my neck. Strong tit clamps were put on, roughly biting into each nipple as my cock responded to the painful sensation.

Tony noticed this and said. "Your cock will have a lot more to respond to, soon."

He relocked my feet together, so I couldn't run off as he untied the ropes from around my cock and balls, and uncuffed my hands. Fist mitts were then placed on each hand and locked on. These gave him a couple more rings to use to tie me up with. Then I was pushed down on my king size waterbed. The waterbed has a bookcase with two small cabinets as the headboard, and I saw ropes around the door handles of each. There were ropes tied to each side of the bed also. I wondered what he had in plan. I was soon to find out.

Tony had me lay in the middle of the bed and started tying my mitts to the ropes on each side, leaving slack so I could move my arms to within a foot of my head, but no closer. I could move them out as far as I wanted to. Then he unlocked the lock holding the ankle cuffs together. He saw me watching what he was doing.

"You don't need to see anything" he said as he wrapped a strip of towel around my head and tied it tight. Tony was taking his time, doing everything in precise order.

He tied one end of a piece of rope to my left ankle, passed the rope thru a d-ring in my collar and tied the other end to my right ankle after drawing both legs up so my legs were bent, leaving my ass completely exposed. Since the feet were not tied together, each leg had freedom of movement up and down. As I moved my legs around a little, Tony said that I won't want to do that soon.

One end of the rope that was passed thru the ring above me was tied to my left ankle, the other end was tied to the chain connecting the tit clamps, pulling the chain tight. The same was done to my right ankle. Now, if I tried lowering my feet, my tits were yanked hard. Next, he took another piece of rope, tied it to my left ankle, pulled the rope tight and tied it to my balls. Again, the same was done to my right ankle. Now, if I tried to raise my legs, my balls would get yanked.

"Almost done." Tony said. Shit, my tits were on fire and every time I moved a little, something was being pulled. What else did he have in mind, I thought.

Tony pulled my hand in as far as it would go. He took a piece of rope, tied it to my mitt, passed it thru the ring above me, and tied it to the tit clamps. Again, the same was done to my right hand. Now, if I moved my arms out to get relief, my tits would be pulled again. My cock was hard as a rock.

"PLAY TIME", Tony yelled as he started running his fingers up and down the soles of my feet. I jerked, and paid the price.

"Don't move, if you don't want anything pulled". I knew what was coming and I begged him to let me go, that I'll suck his cock. "Too late! I've just started to have some fun. I want you to pay a little bit for refusing me. Let's see what happens when I do this!"

Tony attacked my ribs, and I jerked, yanking my tits hard.

I was laughing like crazy by then, and yelling every time something was pulled. Tony used the end of a pencil on me, going all over my feet, ribs, arms and armpits, driving me nuts.

"P-p-please ha ha, s-s-s-stop, ha, ha, ha . TON ha,ha, s-s-top! ha ha ha, OW! ha ha.

"What did you say", Tony laughed, "I think you like this. If you can tell me to stop without laughing, I will".

Fat chance. I was laughing or yelling every time he touched me. All of a sudden, he started tickling my asshole and I went nuts. I jerked so hard that I pulled off one of the tit clamps. My cock started to throb and I came all over my chest and face.

I was still laughing when Tony untied me. He couldn't touch me without me laughing. Tony was laughing at my predicament, which kept me laughing. After I recovered, he retied my hands behind my back.

"You've had your fun. Now it's my turn.", Tony said as I opened my mouth to receive his 9 inch cock.


OKAY, so you probably noticed differences in the stories. Yes there is. The first version is probably the most accurate in what happened prior to the tickling, since I wrote it a few days after it happened, and the second wasn't written until 2 years later. The beginning of the second story is fiction, although I was freshly shaved from a bondage session the previous day. The dialog was said, though, WHILE I was being tickled, and what happened to me from the tickling on did actually happen. The tickling part lasted maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.

Rob Cline

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