The Circle


Rob Cline

The circle is used as a form of introduction at the bondage clubs in New York and Philadelphia. This allows everyone to know what you are looking for so that like minded individuals can find each other easier. It is also a good way to "break the ice".

I knew that there were several people who could not make the meeting the last time I was in Philadelphia, and knew that I would be there again. I was staying with Brian, the main tickler in the story "St. Andrew's Cross", and had invited Jon in from Chicago, who organizes the Man To Man Tickling Network (MTMTN). I had been tied up and tickled since Thursday night, after picking Jon up at the airport. With all the ticklers that were supposed to come to the meeting, Saturday looked to be an exhausting night.

After the initial introduction by the Dungeon Master, giving the rules and regulations, people started to introduce themselves.

"I'm Brian. I'm mostly a top, but sometimes like to bottom. I am into a lot of different bondage scenes, but my specialty is tickling. And after today, maybe even shaving. (He looks over to me and my smooth body) My favorite fantasy is to forcibly capture someone, strip him, chain him spread-eagled either vertically from the ceiling, or stretched out on the bed or floor, and interrogate him through tickle torture."

"I'm Jeff. I've never tried tickling in a scene, but it sounds wild. I'm not ticklish, so I'd be happy to help anyone who wants me to help. (Thanks a lot) I remember as a kid, we used to go swimming every day in the summer. A group of us always fooled around by throwing people in the pool. One day, four of us grabbed this kid. I had his left ankle. As we were swinging him back and forth before throwing him in the pool, I ran my fingers up and down the sole of his foot. He was giggling pretty good by the time he hit the water."

"I'm Rob, from Maryland. For those who do not know me, I'm one of the main man to man tickle writers on the internet. I do get a chance to top sometimes, but I'm a bottom this weekend. I'm also into other things other than tickling, but tickling always seems to play a role in almost every scene I'm in. But I'm not going to give you guys any more ideas on what to do with me than you already have!"

"I'm Jon, from the Windy City. I am a tickling top who loves the chance to tickle hot hunks. We have a convention in Chicago in September, and any tickling enthusiast is welcome to attend. What gets me off is spontaneity. I heard a story once of two bikers. As they went around a curve, the wheel skidded out from one of them and he crashed to the ground. He landed between two rocks with the bike on top of him. He was wedged so that he could not move the bike off himself. His buddy stopped and quickly came over to see if he was all right. Yes, he was told, but I can't move. Was the leg broke? No, came the answer, just stuck until I get this damn bike off of me. His buddy got a big grin on his face, bent down and removed the shoe and sock off his friend. What the fuck are you doing, he said. His buddy then tickled his friend's foot until he was laughing uncontrollably."

By now, several people were adjusting their shorts.

"I'm Rich, as most of you know, and I'm a tickling top also. (He smiles at me. Rich was not at the last meeting and was told of the events by several people) I'm a little sadistic (great) and don't like to stop until I'm ready to stop. My specialty is the feet. I like to secure the feet so that the bottom can't wiggle them. I also like to tie his toes back, so the sole is stretched tight and very sensitive. There is nothing he can do to avoid my onslaught."

"I'm Bruce. This is my first time at a bondage club, so I don't know what to expect. I don't know if I'm ticklish . .

"OOOHHHHH", a bunch of people said at the same time. I felt a little relief. Maybe I'll have some company this time.

. . . and I think I'll just watch for awhile before seeing if I want to play."

"We'll give you five minutes", came the reply from one member.

Several more people introduced themselves. At least, there were a few people who wanted to do other things than tickling. A couple, though, said they would like to see a tickling scene. Finally, we were to the last person.

"I'm Jesse, as most of you know. I'm a bottom for most things, but I LOOVE tickling the shit out of people. I've always wondered what it would be like to get blown by a guy getting tickled. I think I'll find out tonight!"

Fifteen minutes later, I was tied to a cross with my arms stretched wide from my body. I was blindfolded with a black kerchief. My ankles were cuffed and tied to the bottom of the post. I was already laughing. For in front of me, someone was tied to the bondage table and being tickled. He was laughing uproariously. To my right, another person was tied to a table laughing. I wished that I could see. He must have noticed that my mind was wondering. Suddenly, both of my sensitive armpits were attacked . . .

Rob Cline

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