The Interrogation


Rob Cline

Ron was waiting in his car. He still had on his fatigues from the base, where he had just gotten off duty. I was also dressed appropriately. I had on camouflage pants, a kacki green button-down shirt, a black MP armband around my right bicep and a pair of handcuffs in my right hand. Ron looked completely surprised as I walked to his car. He had not expected this.


We met on the internet, and set up this scene: Ron was to be my prisoner and interrogated to reveal a certain piece of information. I had no idea of what that info might be, but it was supposed to be something of a personal nature.

I opened the car door and pulled Ron out by his jacket. I turned him around and had him put his hands on the hood of the car and spread his legs while I frisked him thoroughly, searching for any "hidden weapons". Satisfied that he was clean, I brought his arms behind his back and cuffed his hands together. Then I led Ron to my old pickup, where I took off his cap and wrapped a long piece of old sheet around his head several times and tied it tight behind him. No sense letting him know where we are going. This made him feel less cocky, since he wouldn't have any idea on what direction his car was from our destination.

When we got to my place, I had Ron stand in the middle of the room. I uncuffed his hands and told him to place them on top of his head. I started taking off his clothes, searching them for some indication of the message he was to withhold from me. Nothing. Good. So now, it was time to get ready for the interrogation.

I took Ron upstairs and had him lay face up on the waterbed.

His hands still behind his head. I had already tied ropes to the four corners of the bed. I took Ron's right arm, and buckled a wrist restraint to it. Then I took the rope from the nearest corner and ran it through the D Ring on the restraint. I wrapped it around the bed, through the ring and back three times, finally tying the rope about a foot away from his hand. I did the same with his left hand, pulling tight, so that Ron could not slide his upper body from side to side. I did the same with his ankles, pulling tight and spreading them as wide as possible.

Ron's cock was hard.

"So, you like being tied up, don't you", I said as I tied a piece of rope around his cock and balls to keep the blood in his cock. "We'll see if you like what comes next."

Ron was what you would think of when you picture a military man. Six feet tall, with a hard body and a high and tight haircut. His body was covered with a light coat of hair: just enough hair to make sensitive.

I started running my hands lightly up and down his body, just to get his skin more sensitive and to relax him. Ron seemed to enjoy it as his rock hard cock was bouncing up and down. I decided to start at a different place.

I picked up a shaving brush and started to go up and down, around and around his upper inner thighs. Within 30 seconds, Ron started squirming, his feet were wiggling, and he started to try to fight back his giggles. I knew I had him. I took the brush and started in on his right foot. Giggles started to come regular now.

"So, maybe I'll see if your other foot is just as ticklish"

"Ha, ha, n-n-no its not, ha ha."

"Well, let me just see about that", as I took the pointed end of an artists paintbrush and went up and down his sole. Ron started to really laugh now.

"P-p-please, ha, ha,ha , s-s-tttop, ha ha ho HA HA!!"

"What do you mean, stop. I haven't even begun interrogating you yet", as I moved up his body and started on his ribs.

"N-no, no, NO, ha, ha HA, HA, HA, I'll ,...ha, ha I'll tell you, ha ha HA, HO, HA ha ha"

" Tell me what?" as I dug into the sides and around his stomach.

"P-p-pp-please, HA,HA, HO, HA ha ha ho hee, S--Stop!! ha Ha ha ha ha ha ho ha ha hee"

Ron said stop so loud that it startled me. I stopped.

"Ha, ha ha ha ho ha ho . . ha ha ..The . . . the secret is"

And Then I attacked his armpits. "Sorry, but this interrogation has just begun. You got a long way to go before I'm ready to hear your secret."

NOOOOOO, ha ha ha , HA, HA, ho ha hee . . . ...


Rob Cline

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