Rob Cline

The tryouts were only three weeks away. Erik had dreamed for years that he would get the chance to play for the national team, and yesterday the invitation came:

The United States Soccer Association
cordially invites


to participate in the national tryouts
at the Olympic Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado
June 12-23, 1995

He knew that the competition would be fierce, so he picked up his training. In the mornings, Erik would run several miles, work on his skills, then run wind sprints to finish off. In the late afternoon, he would play for a couple of hours, then hit the weight room before calling it a day. It was a grueling schedule, but Erik knew that it had to be done if he was to be successful at the tryouts.

Just because it was Saturday did not mean that Erik could slow down. He found some guys to play with in the afternoon, but they all had left by the time Erik hit the weight room. Since no one was around, he took off his shirt to lift. Erik looked at himself in the mirrors. Six feet, one hundred eighty pounds, long brown hair, body glistening with sweat, Erik spent some time posing and admiring how his body was beginning to look. The six months of training had built a good base, but he liked how his body had been pumped up this week. He started to get excited. Erik never saw a another person entering the room.

Erik awoke to darkness. He was a little disoriented so it took a few moments to realize that someone was pulling on his leg and tying his ankle down. Erik started to resist the intruder, but found that his hands were tied above his head, and his feet were spread apart and tied down. Erik now realized that the darkness came from a blindfold. Assessing the situation, Erik noticed that what he laid on was padded. The training table!! He hadn't been abducted anywhere. He was still at the school. The pad felt cool on his ass. His shorts were off, but the jock was still on.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? ", Erik shouted

No answer.

"Who are you, and what do you want?"

Again no answer, but all of a sudden a hand brushed the sole of his left foot. Erik's body jumped.

"Sensitive down there, are you. Let's see how much."

Those were the first words that Erik had heard.

"Please, let me go. What do you want from me."

"Just this." All of a sudden the soles of both feet were being attacked with squirming fingers. Erik's body rolled and strained against his bonds. The bonds held him tight. Quickly, Erik began to laugh.

"P-p-p-please ... hahaha, ha, ho, haha st-st-stop. HAHAHA, ha, ho HA,HA STOP pppplease, ha, ha, hee, HA, HO, AHAHAHAHA."

"Holy shit, your ticklish" Let's see if other areas are ticklish as the hands moved up to the stomach and ribs.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO, HA,HAHAHAHAHA,ho, ha, HAHA, ha ha." Erik's body was so sweaty that he was sliding back and forth on the table, trying to avoid the fingers tormenting his upper body. "WH-WH-WH-WHYYYYYY ah, ha HAHA, HA HO, haha. ahhahaha, ahhahahaha, HA, HA."

"Why? Cause your body looked hot to me when you were posing back there in the weight room. I love tickling young studs. I love watching their muscles flex while struggling against the ropes. And I see you love it too." The man reached down and freed Erik's cock from it entrapment. It was sticking straight out. He started tickling Erik's balls.

"P-please ha, ha, ahha, HA, haha, d-d-don't ahhahaha, ha HAHAHA." Erik's voice was starting to get horse and his body was tired from all the activity. "noooo hahahaha."

If the rest of Erik's body was showing signs of wear, his cock was just the opposite. The more his balls were being tickled, the harder his cock got. Erik was still laughing hard, but the sounds were getting fainter. His body started to tense up. His cock felt ready to explode. He tried to hold out as long as he could but eventually his manhood erupted dousing his well-muscled heaving torso with ribbons of hot jism.

Erik must have passed out. He was free of his restraints and the blindfold was gone. His body resisted as he started to sit up. It felt like he had just run ten miles. It took him five minutes to get to his locker. Taped to the locker was a note:

"It looked as if you needed some help relaxing from all the training you've been doing. If you agree, take your shirt off and flex when you lift again next Saturday."

It was signed, "COACH"

Erik sat and read the note several times. Then he smiled.

He realized then, that he will lift only in his jock the next two weeks.

Rob Cline

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