Jeff and Rob at the Gym


Rob Cline

When Rob got to the gym, he was a little surprised to see that only one other person was working out. As he signed in at the front desk, the clerk greeted him.

"Hi, man! It's dead in here tonight. I'm going to get something to eat, so go ahead and workout. I'll be back shortly." The clerk left as Rob went into the locker room to change.

After changing, Rob walked over to a bench and threw his bag down. He was wearing a tight pair of black workout/biking shorts and a white muscle shirt that covered virtually none of his smooth muscular chest. After some stretching, he walked started adding weight to the barbell on the bench and began to warm up with some light bench presses. The other guy at the gym was working out a few feet away. His name was Jeff, and he and Rob had worked out together in the past.

"How's it goin'?" Jeff asked.

"Good. Where the hell is everyone tonight?"

"There's a powerlifting contest going on at the high school.The place will probably be deserted the rest of the night."

"Well, how 'bout giving me a spot", Rob said as he added two more 45 lb. plates to the bar.

"No problem."

They never noticed the two men who had entered the gym. Jeff was the first to realize something when he felt the barrel of a shot gun against his back.

"Everyone! Down on the floor! NOW!" shouted one of the men. Jeff and Rob quickly fell to the ground. One of the intruders went back up front, locked the door and placed the "CLOSED" sign in the window. The other intruder stood over the two lying face down on the floor and said, "OK assholes, where's the money?"

Jeff yelled back, "How the hell do we know! We don't work here!"

Rob added "We just work out here. The guy at the desk went to get something to eat. He's the one who would know where the money is."

"Well, we'll just have to wait for him, won't we", the gunman said. "And in the meantime, we'll have to keep ourselves entertained."

Jeff and Rob became apprehensive, wondering what he meant by that statement.

"Both of you, strip down, NOW" he yelled. Rob and Jeff quickly got up and stripped off all their clothes. Both were wearing tight jock straps underneath their clothes. When these were removed, both were standing bare ass naked. The gunman yelled for his accomplice to bring him "the bag".

"You! Over there!" the gunman yelled at Rob, "Get your ass on the bench and lay down." Rob did as he was told. "And you." pointing to Jeff, "add some more plates to the bar. Hurry your ass up and get them on." Jeff added two more 45 pound plates to each end of the bar before the gunman was satisfied

The gunman turned back to Rob. "Now, put your hands on the bar and spread them all the way over to the stand. Now keep them there." Next he threw a pile of rope to Jeff. "Tie your buddy's wrists to the bar and stand. And if you know what's good for you, they better be tight as shit."

Jeff started doing what he was told. He leaned over to Rob, "Sorry man. I hope you don't get mad at me for this."

"Hey, you don't have a choice. I understand."

After finishing tying Rob's wrists, Jeff was thrown some more rope. He was instructed to tie a rope around Rob's ankles, securing the other end to a machine across from the bench.

"Now, grab your jock strap over there and stuff it all the way in his mouth." Jeff went over and retrieved his jock.

"It figures, the one time that I haven't washed my jock for several days. Well, I hope Rob doesn't notice.". Jeff thought to himself as he picked up the jock. He took his sweaty jock and stuffed it into Rob's mouth. A roll of adhesive tape was thrown to Jeff and he was told to wrap it around Rob's head a couple of times to keep the jock in. Rob's eyes began to water from the taste of the jock.

"Now get your ass over here and straddle your buddy. Put your cock right on his. That's it." The gunman picked up a piece of rope and began tying the two rapidly hardening cocks together. "I think you two must like each other or something."

Jeff decided not to answer that, even though the situation was making him very excited. The gunman took another piece of rope and tied Jeff's hands tightly behind his back. Rob's jock was roughly shoved in his mouth, and tape was wrapped around his head four times. He then pushed Jeff down on top of Rob, putting more pressure on their now rock hard cocks. Jeff's ankles were roped together, and then a rope was tied, connecting the four feet together. As he was tying the feet together, Rob squirmed every time the gunman's hand touched the bottom of his feet.

"You guys look mighty nice all tied like that. I hope you're comfy. You won't be much longer." His partner had brought up a portable bench and sat it right behind the two pairs of feet. He reached into the bag and took out a couple of artist's paint brushes, gave one to his partner, and sat down on the bench. His partner sat beside him.

"Let's see what effect this has." The two men started running the brushes up and down the soles of the two victims. The effect was immediate, as both feet responded by jerking.

"This should be fun."

Jeff and Rob started laughing in their well gagged mouths.

Jeff started squirming on top of Rob as his feet were being tickled. Since his upper body wasn't strapped down, he could slide around on Rob's sweaty body as much as he wanted. The only problem this created was the pull felt on their engorged cock and balls. This pulling caused each of them to become more and more aroused.

The effect was not lost on the ticklers. They were working their brushes feverously; running the brush between their toes; using the other end of the brush and go up and down their soles; and using their fingers to drive their sensitive feet crazy.

Jeff and Rob were in a major predicament. The more Jeff squirmed, the more aroused the two of them became. The more aroused they were, the more ticklish they became. The more ticklish they were, the more Jeff squirmed. It was a circle that was getting more and more out of control. Something was going to happen soon.

One of the gunman stood up and straddled the two victims.

He started tickling the ribs of Jeff and Rob. This was too much for Jeff. All of a sudden his body stiffened, and he shot a huge load onto their stomachs. When Rob felt the warm fluid hit his body, he went over the edge also. For a couple of minutes, the gunmen stopped tickling and watched their two spent victims.

"I see they enjoyed this. But the clerk isn't back yet, and I still want to be entertained!" With that, the gunmen started tickling their bodies again. This had an immediate and startling effect on Jeff and Rob, as they were now even more sensitive after cumming. One of the gunmen started running his fingers up and down their bound legs. The other attacked Rob's exposed ribs and pits. Their cum mixed in with the sweat between their bodies, causing Jeff and Rob to become even more slippery. Their bound cocks remained hard. They were both trying to plead for the gunmen to quit, but their gags prevented any recognizable sound from exiting. Tears were flowing down both their faces.

The gunmen only stopped when they heard the front door open.


Rob Cline

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