Sock Tied and Tickled


Rob Cline

This edited story was first published in:

Bound and Gagged Magazine
Outbound Press
P.O. Box 2048
New York, NY 10116-2048

The story I'm about to tell is a strictly (or should I say restricted?) true story of sock bondage with a friend of mine I've known since high school.

Tom, is 6'2", 167, well hung and has wide ticklish 10 1/2" foot size and wears my favorite type of sweat socks of all time. This type of sock is great for gathering all the sweat one's feet can create inside those hightop Reeboks Tom likes to wear.

Tom and I have played with ropes since we were 16. We would tie each other up just to see who could get loose the fastest or who could take the tickling tortures the longest before loosing our mind. Tom always seemed to win on getting loose the fastest, he had long fingers so he could work the knots and sure enough he would get loose. Tom was good at roping me so I could never get loose nor could I say anything because he would gag me with his nasty stinking socks. I never told him I didn't want him to do it because I loved it when he gagged me with them.

My folks were leaving for the weekend so I called Tom and asked him to come over and watch TV and drink some beer that night. Tom said sure, that he would stop in after playing some golf, around 8 PM. I told him I'd be waiting.

Tom showed up around 8:30 looking pretty hot. It was warm that day, around 92 degrees. But there was Tom wearing his normal clothes, high top Reeboks, blue jeans and his sweatshirt. I didn't even have to look to see what kind of socks he was wearing, he always wears the same type of socks, the perfect sweating, smelling sock a person can wear.

I told Tom I had learned a new knot and there were no ropes involved. Tom started laughing, lying on the couch telling me there was nothing the great Houdini couldn't get out of in this town. I asked him if he wanted to give it a try. Tom said sure and asked if I had gone out and bought some handcuffs or some other gadgets. I told him no, I was going to use socks. He laughed and said he'd like to see me hold him for at least 1/2 hour. I told Tom no problem, let's go to my bedroom and see.

I took Tom and led him to the bedroom where my twin bed was waiting for him. When we got there I told Tom he had just as well take his clothes off and get ready for bed. Tom said OK, but he would take his shower after he got loose. Reaching into my dresser, I told Tom I only needed three pairs of socks to hold him for the 1/2 hour he thought it would take him to get loose. The first pair was my church socks, nylon type, very long and strong. The second pair was my sweatsocks, like Tom was wearing. And the third pair was also extra long and strong.

I told Tom to hold his arm straight out and make a fist with his hand by tucking his thumb in under his fingers in his fist. I took the first sock, put his fist inside the sock and pulled it all the way up his arm. I took the second pair of socks and tied one sock around each wrist twice, making Tom keep a fist. I grabbed both tops of the socks that were pulled up his arms and pulled them down over the fists I'd had him make, so the socks his fists were in wouldn't come off because of the socks I had tied around his wrists. Then I mad him bend both knees, grabbed his right ankle and wrapped the end of the sock on his right hand around his ankle and tied two knots and went around the bed and did the same to the left hand and ankle. I took the third pair of socks and tied the end of one of those socks at the place where the right hand and ankle met and pulled them to the side of the bed and tied the other end of the sock to the bedframe. Then I went to the other side and did the same thing.

I asked Tom if he ever felt so helpless. Tom said no, but this sure was different. Tom was starting to sweat, grunting, straining, twisting and a little cussing. But he didn't get loose, he lay there spread wide open. After a while Tom started whining about not being able to escape. I walked in and asked how he was doing at getting loose. Tom was kind of pissed, and he told me my new knot was very effective and that his hands were still in a fist. I asked if his hands or ankles hurt yet. Ton tugged a little and said no, but I could turn him loose anytime now. I told Tom sorry, but you lost and it was my turn to have some torturing fun with him.

I took one of his socks and tied a square knot in the toe, and did the same to the other one. Then I took the two socks and twisted them together like I was going to make a square knot, but I didn't make the knot. Instead I took that twist and the knotted ends and stuffed them in Tom's mouth, then wrapped the two socks around Tom's head to tie them with a square knot in front. The twist on the socks makes them impossible to spit out.

He twisted and pulled around till I told him it could be worse, those two socks in your mouth could have been mine. But, I told Tom, I was saving mine for a better treatment. Tom's eyes looked very sincere, he had a good idea of what I was going to do with my socks. What Tom didn't know was that I had put on the same sweatsocks I had worn the day before.

When I pulled my shoe off beside Tom's face, he closed his eyes and moaned into his already gagged mouth. I put my two socks together, reached up and pulled the knot in Tom's gag out far enough to get my socks through and let go of the knot, letting it sink back into his mouth. Then I pulled down on my socks till the toes of them were snug over his nostrils.

There Tom lay while I stood up to take a good look at him, watching him struggle a bit and shaking his head, trying to get my socks off his nose and his socks out of his mouth. I asked Tom if he liked what he was getting so far. Tom just shook his head no and uttered something in his well filled mouth. Then I asked Tom if he liked ice in his water.

He then knew what I was up to, and started tugging and pulling from side to side, trying to yank loose. I told him to relax, and went to the freezer to get my next project for Tom.

I returned to my room to find that Tom still hadn't made and progress on getting loose. I stood by the bed looking into Tom's eyes, playing with the ice cubes I had gotten from the freezer. Tom stopped struggling and took one of those deep breaths that he had no choice about, through his nose, squinting his eyes at the same time. The way he looked, I could tell my socks were still at their best.

I asked Tom if he could breathe through his mouth. He shook his head no. I said good, because you will be breathing even harder when I start rubbing these ice cubes in places that you can't handle. Taking the ice from the cup, I rubbed them on his nipples, then slid them down to his public line and back up to his nipples. Tom just shook and strained, moaning through his stuffed mouth. There was also some movement from his public line, a rather large movement.

After teasing him like this for some time, I left one of the cubes melting on his belly button and moved to the foot of the bed. I looked up at Tom's eyes and asked if his feet were still ticklish. Taking one of those deep breaths and tugging at the same time, Tom's toes bent down as if to say please don't do this to me. Grabbing another cube I started in on Tom's feet, rubbing the cube between his toes and running it down the arch drove Tom to a quivering frenzy.

Tom went nuts tugging, pulling, straining and of course trying to cuss me, at the same time breathing very heavy through the sock covered nose. I started stroking him with the cubes till Tom's sac started to draw up and blow. I quit in the nick of time, Tom was quivering in his bonds, wanting to jiz. I looked into his eyes and Tom was bucking, moaning for release, and I don't think he wanted me to release his body bond either.

I got up off the bed and went to my dresser drawer and got one more sock. Walking back to Tom, I asked him if he wanted to blow his wad. Tom moaned and bucked his ass up and down, shaking his head yes. I told Tom to hang on to his ass if he could because I was going to get what he wanted. Setting back down on the foot of the bed I wrapped the sock around his cock and balls and tied it tight, then tied it again only around his cock in a loose square knot. I leaned over and started sucking him, taking him in down to his pubes then up to the tip again. Time after time I did this, till I had every ounce of blood in the head of his crank. Just when Tom was starting to quiver again is when I grabbed the sock I had tied around his cock and pulled the square knot as tight as I could, trapping Tom's wishful thoughts within. I got up off the bed, watching Tom in his frenzy, laying there groaning, moaning and bucking again, wanting to explode but unable to.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was only 1:33 and decided I

needed a beer. Before leaving the room I turned to Tom and told him not

to be going anywhere, that I hadn't started tickling him yet. Do your readers have any idea what a power sander can do to a helpless friend.


NOTE: It is not the safest of measures gagging a victim when you are tickling him. It is fun, but keep a close watch, if that's what you choose to do.

Rob Cline

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