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Strange Tales,
Unusual Situations,
The Great Outdoors,
Group Gang-Ups,
Wild Fantasies,
Futuristic Settings...
or just plain Unclassifiable Stories:

A Ticklish Hike ~ by Tickle777
Two hikers get ambushed in a deserted cabin and find themselves in an unbelievable position.

Camping Trip ~ by CatInHat
Camping out in the woods with a straight buddy, who knows what might happen? Or how he might pay you back! A classic story.

A Laughing Matter ~ by Erik
A straight, conceited business associate falls for the old "handcuff escape" trick. Bondage, tickling, and a couple of "squirts" can do wonders in altering a guy's cocksure attitude. (Also known as "Vendor Negotiations".)

If The Shoe Fits ~ by Rob Cline
After-hours "customer service" in a shoe store.

The Flier ~ by Erik
A college student responds to a flier advertising a free podiatrist exam, and suffers the surprising consequences.

Long-Distance Tickle ~ by Bound2Tkl
Attending a Leather Convention, you are attacked, hooded and restrained. When the hood comes off, the tickling commences. Who is behind this attack?

Davvy Asked For It ~ by Rob Cline
A clever "He Said / He Said" account of a tickle session begun over the Internet, and concluded in real life.

The Military Secret ~ by Erik
A late-night phone connection, a penthouse apartment, a secret drug, an unexpected turn of events.

Tickle-Chat ~ by Rob Cline
If you were to lurk in a chatroom for M/M tickling, you might witness a creative cyber-tickling session like this.

Roger ~ by T-Wizard
Puppy love from an admiring young boy blossoms into tickling, bondage, tickle torture, and a memorable session in the stocks. Man/boy tickling handled beautifully by a master tickler.

Zack ~ by Danny
Aggressive foreign-exchange student Carlos and his buddies Billy and Trent wrestle, torment and tickle poor Zack while his parents are away for the weekend.

A Weekend in Marathon Key ~ by Tickler Jim
An e-mail connection inspired this account of a possible hot tickle session in the Florida keys, including some devious cock-teasing with a feather.

Huntin' Camp ~ by Scooter McGraw
A week-long hunting trip in a secluded lodge gives practical-joker Scooter plenty of opportunity to pull some malicious pranks on his hunting buddies. When they finally wise up, Scooter pays the piper. But guess who dishes out the last laugh?

The Porn Star ~ by Wolf
Hired to build the sets for an S/M porno film, a techie discovers he is left alone with the hunky star of the film all strapped up in a leather sling. Well, what would YOU do?

The Ticklish Princes ~ by TcklshTxn
A mystical fantasy story, part of a full-length novel. Mark, a descendant of a royal family, wills himself to a long-lost land, where he befriends a young prince. The lads discover they are both ticklish, and hot, give-and-take challenges ensue.

Tasting Jake ~ by Patrick Colby
A ripe and raunchy classic: Jake, a sweaty, horny college jock, is overseen whacking off to his own sweet smell. Now his roommate knows just how to give the ticklish Jake a hand. A friendly offer of a massage leads to explosively funky tickle torture.

From the Journal of a Hypno-Tickler ~ by FingrFethr
A hypnotic fantasy: ticklish Mark is hypnotized into thinking he is tied up, and the "Master" now commands his every reaction, including if and when he is allowed to orgasm.

To The Victor Go The Toils ~ by Owen
A hospital patient is knocked off his crutches by a clumsy orderly. As punishment, the ticklish orderly is tied to the patient's bed for some expert tickle torture.

Madman in the Ring ~ by Pete_Roc
Pro Wrestling at its kinkiest: a down-on-his-luck wrestler is tricked into a televised match with a lunitic who tickles his opponents into submission. A classic tickle/wrestling story.

The Road Trip ~ by Scott
While driving cross country, two straight construction worker buddies get waylaid in a small, surreal town. They are set upon by ghosts, mysterious strangers, and a kinky female host, all who delight in binding and tickling the two hunks, using some very creative methods!

When Your Tickle Partner Is Unconscious ~ by Lando
While friend Davey is asleep, Lando ambushes him, ties him up, and begins a very creative tickling and foot fetish scene. When Davey wakes up, Lando uses some fantastic tickle techniques to torture poor Davey and to bring the session to an explosive conclusion!

Tracked, Trounced, Tied and Tickled ~ by David
Four friends play an exciting game of pursuit and capture. The three captured players are tied and put through agonizing foot-licking and tickling.

Halloween Howl ~ by Keith Steeclif
A volunteer worker at a Halloween haunted house attraction allows himself to be tied to a torture rack for the amusement of the spectators. "Amusement" is right!

Tattoo Tickling ~ by Rob
Showing up for a tattoo session, the surly Nick is paid back for his unpleasant nature by the tattoo artist. Bondage and tickle torture lead to mutual gratification for the hot studs.

War Games ~ by Rob
When his younger brothers capture and cuff the tall, goodlooking Andy during a game, a next door neighbor takes advantage of his predicament, eventually leading him to a climax.

Prison Tickle ~ by Martell
An interesting, gentle tale of a new prison guard who is assigned to watch over a restrained prisoner. When the prisoner cannot fall asleep, missing his father and the way he used to tickle him to sleep at night, the guard obliges.

Ticklish Intern ~ by Glen
A hospital worker meets a hot new intern, who accidentally discovers his secret tickling fetish. When the intern finally discloses HIS male/male wrestling fetish, a hot and heavy match ensues.

Tickling 2099 ~ by TcklshTxn
A futuristic story about the invention of an ultra-sophistocated tickle torture machine, and the buddies the inventor subjects to it. But sometimes, the creation turns on the creator. (The references to this website, still going strong in 2099, make me chuckle. Thanks for the plug, TcklshTxn!)

Cory Puts His Best Foot Forward ~ by Keith Steeclif
A summer job in "Haunted House" attraction puts Cory in a ticklish situation.

The Morning After ~ by FinBoy
A first-person telling of a first-time bondage and tickling session.

The Three Roommates ~ by JP
Tickle voyerism through a hole in the wall gives the author a good show (and some ideas of his own).

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